Strautmann SEK 802 Autoload

The following things can be loaded with the autoload:
6 pallets
12 square bales
12 round bales
60 egg cartons
1 cotton

The Strautmann SEK 802 is from Giants! I only worked on it!

Following was installed:
Autoload Script (BETA)

UPDATES Will Follow:
Editing and uploading the on sites is NOT allowed !!!
The script may not be installed and uploaded without permission in other vehicles and trailers !!!
I got the permission of alfalfa6945 to install the script in my mods and use!

Modell: Giants Software
Textur: Giants Software
Script: alfalfa6945
Idee / Konzept: BD_Modding (Fallex-Gaming)
Tester: BD_Modding (Fallex-Gaming)
Sonstige: BD_Modding (Fallex-Gaming)

FS19_SEK_802.zip – 1.5 MB modsbase.com/sharemods.com

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