Hello here is a modification of the map felsbrunn I added several forest areas with steep path, the farm is in place with the animal pens to you to buy them or not, you have to finish your silo installation, storage fruit root . (in with map)
Point of sale added and many things !!
and Correction of some points of sale.
All fields are modified, the concession modified.
the whole map has been modified in decoration, trees, foliage etc …
2 new carrot crops, onions
zipper the mods in order to have the grimme and the large silo to place (planned location) to allow to store your new crops.
this is the first version there will be others !!!!
and if you find some small anomalies leave a comment and I would do an update but everything works normally
good game to all of you !!!!!


un_petit_coin_de_paradis.rar – 684.6 MB modsbase.com/sharemods.com

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  1. Farming Simulator 19 – B.O.B. Flyover – Little Corner of Paradise – “Un petit coin de paradis” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IZq7U7uS-I


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