Those who do not care:
22 of its addon. 11 standard.
There are no permanent locks for the drive and differential.
Cheater model? – NOT. The model is not very easy to manage. Not a car.

And as always, a little wider:
And so, everyone who downloaded the previous version, who liked my work, who supported the likes and warm comments – thank you so much! I am very grateful to you!

Initially, the mod was made as a correction of the CyTec craze and a kind of continuation of the excellent fashion from darius Zyl 131 8×8, which is successfully abandoned and no longer develops (the cry of the soul, but the terrible fashion curves are riveted every day), but in the process, everything turned into a small autonomous project , could have more source codes or having an information about creating a track.

0. Demolish the old mod before installing a new one.
1. I put the driver in the place as requested, but my hands are not on the steering wheel here, I can not do anything.
2. Corrected the box a little bit so that the engine would not oil in idle. Rides a bit faster, a little easier to switch to higher.
3. Worked on the textures of technology. not perfect but more interesting. The wheels no longer stand out, the booth is painted under the overall color and the cabin is nothing special but there is a difference.
4. Full rebalance of add-ons. More precisely, the load on the choice of add-ons has increased. Some fixes addon weight. Now the add-ons with the forest do not fall into the textures of trailers.
5. Slightly changed the center of gravity of the , since it was too low and the had to be turned almost completely unreal.
6. New addons 8 pieces. if anyone has a question why so many similar add-ons? – Answer: so that the variability was higher, so that everyone could ride to some extent on a unique track, unlike the stock equipment.
7. Cleaned the archive from unnecessary textures, but how not to try the left addons are dependent on textures such as K-700 and so on. But at least there is no more. Unpacked archive weighs 260 megabytes.
8. For the most part rewrote sockets, so that the madhouse should not be with addons of techniques.
9. Just out of boredom and dope changed the color of the panel.
10. At maximum load, the add-ons of Mordas and Truck in particular squander very strongly, which is logical in principle (if someone has read this before – happiness to you) write down how you don’t like it, then change SuspensionStrength = “0.006” front suspension on 0.009 and on the remaining axles, also raise this value by an additional 2. Although the type of suspension will be so-so and the center of mass will be slightly higher, which will play its role on the slopes …

And as always, minor fixes that just can not remember.

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