Map – Three Villages (Autumn)
A simple card, designed more for a single passage (since I myself like to ride alone), well, I think it is also suitable for light rides with friends. Dirt a bit, it is quite possible passing on machines with incomplete drive. Machines at the start equipped for repair, but you can replace them – there is a service trolley on the map. Additionally, there is an empty slot.

A small subject (for starters):
A telephone message came to the regional center from the timber industry enterprise with a request to send spare parts for the garage and help to remove the wood from the logging plant.
From the district center they sent a car with a young driver. However, on the way he drove to his sweetheart in the village, and stayed there. I sold the fuel from the car to buy it as a gift.
Sent from the district center another car with an older driver, but more experienced. And he met a friend-colleague on the way, they drove to a friend’s home in a neighboring village. And there is a bathhouse, moonshine … In a drunken stupor, we rode around the village, and we crashed a car.
The third car was equipped, now with an escort for control …
Task: find machines with garage parts, repair, refuel and deliver them to the garage of the timber industry enterprise. Take the wood from the logging station to 3 sawmills and bring firewood to the weather station.

On the map:
1 closed garage;
2 fueling stations;
4 sawmills (3 sawmills and a meteorological station according to the plot);
2 loading points (no auto loading);
7 points of intelligence;
2 cars at the start (ZIL-131 with garage parts, LuAZ-969 with fuel barrels) + 1 slot.

The size of the card is 768×768.
To use LuAZ-969 you need the DLC “Valley”.

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